Soul flow Yoga by Yvonne

Every body is a yoga body

 Yoga in Schwabach


Yoga is much more than just asanas!

Uniting body, soul and spirit – immerse yourself in the power of calm and mindfulness. In my yoga and mindfulness courses you will learn to perceive your own body, control your breathing and relax. Whether flowing movements in Vinyasa flow or calm, long stretches in Yin Yoga. Targeted exercises will help you master your everyday life with more calm. No matter whether you want to practice in the studio or at home online on your mat. Anyone can practice yoga.

Oct. 2021 Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga basic training at Gayatri Yoga Tenerife
(Yoga Nidra, Ayur Yoga, Prenatal Yoga)
February 2022 Yin Yoga at Arhanta Yoga
March 2024 Trauma informed Yoga at Yoga Marisol Mallorca
April 2024 Training as a mindfulness trainer and meditation teacher with Sunita Ehlers

Trauma informed yoga

Trauma-sensitive yoga is particularly close to my heart. No specific style of yoga is meant here, as any type of yoga can be practiced during trauma. But in a special way. All yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises are adapted to your individual needs. Trauma-sensitive yoga enables processes that reconnect you with yourself. This is practiced individually or in small groups.

Mindfulness training

In my mindfulness courses you will learn to respond more to your needs in everyday life and to pay enough attention to your body and soul. How quickly we say “yes” and actually mean no. And even though we are internally reluctant to do it, we do it again and again and thereby neglect our own needs. Here we practice together incorporating mindfulness into your daily life in small steps.

Sensitive Thai Body Work

Thai Body Work - also called Thai Yoga Massage - is a form of reducing stress and achieving deep relaxation. Here you lie on a comfortable mat and, unlike other massages, you are fully dressed. Thai Body Work promotes blood circulation and can release blockages - both physical and emotional. Through targeted stretching and gentle pressure, it is possible to direct the flow of energy and bring the body back into balance.

I´m looking forward to you!